Additionally to branding design and typography, I have developed my fine art and illustration skills through various projects and mediums ranging from children’s illustrated books, to movies and musical posters, as well as animated shorts. Through branching out into these different creative mediums, I was still able to explore some of my favorite films, music, books, fairy tales and mythological stories, as well as plays and musicals. Producing these projects allowed me to deepen my love for visual story telling, and discover how it varies from one medium to another. 
︎︎︎ 2022
︎︎︎ Poster Design


This was the first time I experimented with animation, specifically rotoscoping. The goal of this project was to use a historical or pop culture event and to explore and/or reinvent its ending. This was done by manipulating alternate narrative structures and temporal dimensions via editing, animation and compositing. I chose to explore the greek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. Pygmalion was a sculptor who created the perfect woman out of ivory and fell in love with it. Moved, the goddess Aphrodite turned the sculpture into a real person. I was inspired by this story and its themes of reality vs imagination and fantasy (themes which are also explored in Ovid's metaphors, where this myth comes from) to imagine the continuation of this story in another context, where the sculpture of Galatea wakes up in the Metropolitan Museum and explores the museum and her past.

The video follows her journey as she explores her new environment and as the museum comes to life. She will soon discover her true identity, and the heartbreak will cause the ultimate metamorphosis…


I created these projects as part of an internship with DERT Books, a non profit company whose mission is to promote child literacy through accessible illustrated stories. I created a hard book aimed at 0 to 8 years old children exploring the simple pleasures of life one can share and be grateful for. I also produced an illustrated retelling of the classic Hansel and Gretel, aimed for 8 to 12 years olds.


These are a few examples of the illustrated Theatre and Film posters I created over the years. 



Facade (2018)
Laser-cut wood, hand-cut acrylic sheets, colored translucent adhesive vynils, screws, wooden box

47 cm tall x 47 cm wide x 12 cm deep

This 3-dimensional piece explores the themes of identity and appearances. Inspired by minimalist artists Roy Lichtenstein, Calder and contemporary artists Jose Roda and Malika Favre, I first laser-cut a “flat” and complex piece (which represents this façade that we show our surroundings). This piece is placed above (almost hiding) several shapes of clear acrylic placed at different levels, representing the different depths and elements that makes us “Us” and that we chose to keep to ourselves.

Reflection (2019) 
Acrylic, markers on laser cut laminated fiber board

42 cm tall x 29 cm wide x 22 cm deep

In this sculpture inspired by the piece “Woman: Sunlight, Moonlight” (1966) by Roy Lichtenstein, I wanted to show how we put unattainable standards of beauty on a pedestal, and how fabricated and deceitful the idea of perfection is. As Lichtenstein, I designed a sculpture that looks like a two-dimensional illustration, playing around with the negative and positive space to have some “unfilled” shapes to show the one-dimensional, shallow aspect of beauty

Shine Through (2018)
Acrylic panels, colored translucent adhesive vynils, LED strips, wooden box, screws

40 cm high x 38 cm wide x 38 cm deep


This piece, inspired by Chris Wood, an artist who uses dichroic glass panels as her medium, represents the many layers of one’s personality and how the angle or perspective through which we look at people influences our perception and understanding of them. he vynils on the panels form a face when you look at the piece from a certain angle. The light going through the panels shift the vinyls’ colors, perpetually modifying the piece. This represents the constant evolution of our identity.

Trapped: A polypthyc (2018)

Acrylic Marker on Paper
54 m tall x 54 cm wide

This polypthyc composed of four individual panels was inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein and Malika Favre. I wanted to express how I sometimes feel “trapped” or imprisoned by different elements or restrictions in my life and chose to represent this by painting four figures trapped in boxes, forced to put themselves in very uncomfortable positions. I experimented with the negative and positive space as well as different geometric and organic shapes to create my illustrations.

Split (2017)

Newspaper Collage on Paper
36 cm high x 27 cm wide

This piece was inspired by Ernesto Artillo, a photographer and art director based in Madrid who creates pieces that mix fashion and design in minimalist yet mesmerizing and complex collage. I was fascinated by the artist’s ability to mix “chaos” and balance. I decided to do a collage using a picture of Audrey Hepburn, whose life and career is really inspiring to me, and create a balanced piece with the different elements and colors that I used around her picture.

Censored (2018)

Marker on Paper
55 cm tall x 40 cm wide

I created this piece as a critic of the double standards surrounding nudity in our society. It is my strong belief that the naked body is beautiful and that drawing from the nude is essential in the study of the figure and art. I decided to represent Milo’s Venus, the allegory of love and physical beauty, but only using lines so that she is shown in an almost hidden or concealed way, this optical illusion therefore representing the double standards surrounding nudity.

Cut. Grow. (A diptych) (2018)

Acrylic and Marker on Paper
89 cm wide x 57 cm tall

I created this piece after my 13 year old sister decided to cut her long and beautiful hair to donate it for childhood cancer. I felt very inspired by this generous and mature action, and I wanted to represent this physical and moral transformation. I first drew her portrait before and after she cut her hair from observation, and then, inspired by Sheppard Fairy and Alphonse Mucha’s work, gave it a sort of “superhero” look using paint pens and an art-deco inspired halo.

  1. Reflection (2019)