Using the content from a single Wikipedia entry, I created a multi-page book that mixes text and image. The book had to include everything from my chosen Wikipedia page: table of contents, images/diagrams, captions, footnotes/endnotes, references, sections, lists, etc. This project pushed me to consider how to translate content from one medium (the web) to another (a book) as well as how to translate the content into visual spreads. I chose to create a book using the content from the page “Impressionism” on Wikipedia.

I felt a strong personnal connection to this subject due to my french background. I used a strong consistent color palette throughout the book in order to compliment the paintings, with a particular shade of blue that was inspired by the color of the walls of the Musee d’Orsay, which holds the largest collection and exhibit of impressionist art in the world. I challenged myself to create a book that compliments the very classic and renowned subject of the Impressionist movement while still giving it a more modern, fun and “experimental” feel.